Meggie and Adam Villeneuve

Meggie and Adam Villeneuve – Québec

Near the Ontario-Quebec border in Sainte-Marthe en Montéregie is a quaint little family farm. Currently owned by Simon and Isabelle Villeneuve, this multigenerational farm has been running since 1964. It looks like the family owned operation will have at least 50 more years thanks to their children, Meggie and Adam.

Meggie and Adam always knew that they would end up on the family farm. “I think that was never a question, at least for me,” says Meggie. Her passion for agriculture began an early age, as she grew up helping her family on the farm. As for Adam, he never envisioned another career path. “I grew up watching my grandfather farm these lands, and my dad farm these lands. Now it’s my turn and I know it’s where I want to be.”

Before school, after school, on weekends, for years Meggie, Adam and their family worked tirelessly on their cash crop and dairy operation.  They eventually sold their dairy quota to focus solely on crops, however, things changed when Isabelle decided she wanted to try her hand at chicken farming and Meggie took a liking to it instantly.

Fun facts about Meggie

  • What is your favourite sport? Volleyball
  • What is your favourite song? Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean
  • What would you bring to a deserted island? A picture of my family and friends
  • What was your favourite subject in school? Mathematics

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